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Pest Control in London

National Tourism Week – 11th til 18th May


This week is National Tourism Week and as much as this is usually a good week as it means people come to our country and help with our economy, it also means we go away and are tourists in other areas.

It does mean thought that National Tourism Week can also be a time for more bed bugs to spread around the country and even the world.

When you stay in a hotel people from all walks of life have been in that bed before you, they may have bed bugs in their homes, these bed bugs are now in their clothes and they have bought these Bed Bugs to London. These Bed Bugs in London are now breeding and spreading throughout hotels, hostels and homes in the United Kingdom.

When travelling on buses, trams or other transport in tourist areas, such as London, you may find there are bed bugs or even fleas in the seats that will be more than happy to leave their location and join your clothes then be taken home by you.

If you have a bed bug problem or flea infestation in London then please call us to help rid you of the pests in your home or business.

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