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JG Environmental

Pest Control in London

5th – 11th May: National Pet Week


This week is National Pet Week, as pet owners we love our pets but when they start making a mess of our homes or bring trouble into our homes we are less than loving towards them at times, in fact they can infuriate us.

Sometimes cats and dogs can bring fleas into our homes, these fleas will leave the pet and get into our carpets and furniture in our homes and then the fleas will begin to feast off of us instead of our pets.

Then the cats like to show us how much they love us, they do this by bringing us pests to our home, sometimes sparrows or sometimes mice that are not completely dead yet and this is where the problem lies. The half dead mouse escapes from the cat’s mouth and finds a new home, inside your home!

Imagine if this mouse is pregnant and as it runs off to find a new home, and then gives birth to all the lovely mice babies, filling your home with more mice… your wonderful pet cat is no longer so wonderful.

If you find that you have a flea infestation in London or you need mouse exterminators in London then call in the experts, call in JG Environmental and let them help you with your pesty problems.

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