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Mice Infestation – What To Look Out For?

Mice Infestation – What To Look Out For?

Mice are normally nocturnal creatures so you may not see them scuttling about in the daytime, but they do leave a few signs to show you that they are in your home.

Listed below are just a few things that you should notice to make you aware that you have a mouse infestation in your home, if you spot these signs call in the mice extermination experts.

  • You may spot 5mm long droppings, these will be very thin but you may find them across your floor or counters, even in cupboards or on shelves.

  • You may also find small grease marks along your walls and skirting boards where mice continuously run back and forth through your house.

  • You may notice gnaw holes and marks on wooden cupboards, walls, doors, chair legs and tables; this is a sign of a mice infestation too.

  • Mice often use shredded paper, cardboard, wood or plastic as bedding, you may find pieces of paper and such like that the mice have shred to make beds of their own.

  • You may find that you have mice in your home if you can smell a strong ammonia-like smell; this smell can be stronger in enclosed spaces.

If you find you have mice in your home then call in the mice removal specialists and bring your house back to normal again.

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